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Budget Photo Studio For Rent in Petaling Jaya.

Photography Studio for Rent in Petaling Jaya: The Perfect Choice for Your Shoots

If you’re in search of the most value-packed and budget-friendly photo studio for rent in PJ (Petaling Jaya), look no further than our Photography Studio – DARKROOM PROJECT. We take pride in offering a compact yet affordable space that meets all your photography needs.

Our 900 sq ft studio is available for hourly rental and is perfect for personal portrait shoots, model shoots, fashion style shoots, lifestyle sessions, and small production shoots. Our studio is designed to provide you with a seamless shooting experience while keeping your budget intact.

Discover the Perfect Photo Studio in Petaling Jaya

At our Photography Studio, we understand the importance of finding the right space for your shoots. That’s why we’ve created a small but budget-friendly studio that caters to photographers in Petaling Jaya and beyond. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, our studio is the ideal choice for capturing stunning images.

Unleash Your Creativity in our Well-Equipped Studio

Despite its size, our Photography Studio is well-equipped to support a variety of photography projects. We offer a range of essential equipment to enhance your shoots. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary to bring your creative vision to life. We will assist with your lighting setup to achieve your desired results. Additionally, our studio features various corners with purpose-designed furniture, perfect for lifestyle photo shoots.

Strobe and Backdrop Rental

We have a set of 3 basic studio strobes similar to Godox Smart 300w with 2 square softboxes, 1 white/silver umbrella, and 1 reflector bowl. Additionally, we provide a beauty dish, parabolic softbox, and reflector for your use when renting our lights. Our backdrops include a small Black Non-Woven and a White Polyester Muslin backdrop, both measuring 5×10 ft. We also have paper backdrops available in a variety of colors for an additional fee. For more information, kindly contact us.


Affordability and Flexibility: Studio for Rent Petaling Jaya

We understand that working within a budget is crucial for photographers at all skill levels. That’s why DARKROOM PROJECT offers highly competitive rental rates. Our studio rental starts at just RM40 per hour, with a minimum rental duration of 2 hours. If you opt for renting our basic strobe set with modifiers, the rental rate is RM25 per hour or RM50 for 3 hours. Moreover, if you choose to rent our studio for 5 hours or more, we waive the strobe set rental fee, providing you with even greater value for your investment.

We firmly believe that cost should never limit your creative pursuits. Our flexible pricing structure ensures that you receive the best possible value for your money, without compromising on quality.


Book Your Small Budget Photography Studio Rental Today

At DARKROOM PROJECT, we are dedicated to supporting photographers and their creative journeys. Experience the convenience and affordability of our photo studio for rent in PJ. DARKROOM PROJECT offers a well-equipped and budget-friendly photography studio in Petaling Jaya. Unleash your creativity, capture stunning images, and explore your passion for photography without exceeding your budget.

Take advantage of our competitive rental rates, convenient amenities, and diverse backdrops. Book your photo studio rental today and embark on a remarkable photography experience with DARKROOM PROJECT.

studio rental
book now!
Session Parameters:
RM40/hr, min 2hrs rental.
Basic strobes set with modifier RM25/hr, RM50/3hrs.
But will be waived off when you rent the studio for 5hrs or more.
1 Black Velvet non-woven Backdrop 10x20 ft
1 Small black non-woven backdrop 5x10
portrait session
book now!
Session Parameters:
15 minus of Photography Coverage
RM80 for the 1st image (full res & edited)
Every subsequent image only RM40
studio fitness portrait session
call us now!
Session Parameters:
45 Minus of Photography Coverage
10 High-Resolution Edited Images
Online Gallery ready within 6 day
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