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Budget Photo Studio for Rent in Petaling Jay


Budget Photo Studio For Rent in Petaling Jaya

Are you a budding photographer or videographer looking for an affordable yet functional studio space to work on your projects? Look no further than DARKROOM PROJECT, a small studio located in Petaling Jaya that offers hourly rental for its 900 sq ft space. Here are some details about what we offer:
Studio Features
Suitable For
Various Types of Shoots
Our studio is best suited for personal portrait shoots, model shoots, fashion style shoots, and lifestyle sessions. It is not recommended for group portraits or big production projects, but it is ideal for small production shoots (both photo and video). It is also perfect for photography practice with friends.
Equipment and Backdrops

We have a set of 3 basic studio strobes similar to Godox Smart 300w with 2 square softboxes, 1 white/silver umbrella, 1 reflector bowl. We also have a beauty dish, parabolic softbox, and reflector that you can use once you rent the lights.
Our backdrops include 1 Black Velvet Non-woven Backdrop 5x10 And 1 White Polyester Muslin Backdrop 5x10. Additionally, we have paper backdrops that come in a variety of colors, but they are only available for an additional fee. Contact us for details.
Rental Information

Studio Rental - RM40/hr

Our studio rental is RM40/hr, with a minimum 2-hour rental required. The basic strobes set with modifier is RM25/hr, or RM50/3hrs. However, we waive off the fees for the basic strobe set with modifier when you rent the studio for 5 hours or more.
Darkroom Project Budget Photo Studio Rental in PJ Kuala Lumpur
We provide the following amenities and freebies for our customers:
Amenities and Freebies

1. Black/White backdrop
2. Fully air-conditioned
3. Makeup station
4. Changing area
5. Resting area with sofa
6. Pantry equipped with cutlery set
7. Shooting area 14x18ft
8. Private toilet
9. All-day filtered drinking water and hot water supply
10. Electrical supply for personal use
11. Free studio assistance
12. Color Paper Backdrops, Lights & Strobes upon add on
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